Step 1: Obtaining TACIS Student Handbook & Qualification Booklet

Student s who are interested in the qualifications offered at TACIS are advised to read through the Student Handbook and/or Qualification Booklet prior to submitting application. Students will find all the relevant information they need to ensure they enrol in the right course of studies. Students can download the documents from TACIS website:

Step 2: Consider Applying for Credit Transfer and/or Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) or Credit Transfer is an assessment process through which the skills, knowledge and experience that Student s already have may count towards the achievement of a qualification. For details, please refer to TASIC RPL and Credit Transfer Policy and Procedure.

Students who believe they have prior knowledge or experience or relevant qualification, they are encouraged to apply for RPL or Credit Transfer at TACIS. Students can get access to TACIS RPL/Credit Transfer application from TACIS website:

Step 3: Complete an Application Form

Should a student find the courses offered at TACIS will satisfy their needs and career plan, they should carefully read through the entry requirements to determine if they are eligible to apply. For details of the entry requirements for each qualification, please refer to the TACIS Qualification Brochure, available from TACIS website:

Students will need to provide original or certified copies of the documents together with the completed application for their enrolment application to be assessed. Originals will be sited, copied, and verified as true copies of the original and signed by the Program Manager.

Documents required may include:

  • Proof of Identification documents such as a passport, driver’s license, etc –refer to 100 point ID check.
  • Certified copies of previous qualifications (including certificates, academic transcripts etc)
  • Working experience certificate (including the name, address and contact details of the organisation or person which provides the certificate etc).
  • Original or certified copy of English proficiency test results such as IELTS test report.
  • Documents not in English must be accompanied with certified translation by a NAATI accredited translator.
Step 4: Complete a Formal Screening Interview (and completion of a Language, Literacy and Numeracy test, if applicable)

Student is required to complete a formal screening interview to assess his/her suitability for the qualification applying for. If, during the interview process, it is identified that the student is required to sit for a Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) Test to assess their language, literacy and literacy skills to determine whether any additional support might be required for the students, a LLN test will be organized at this stage for the student(s).

Step 5: Enrolment Documents Verification Procedures

TACIS will assess whether the student ’s qualifications, experience and English language proficiency are appropriate for the course for which enrolment is sought. All the relevant documents provided by the Student will be assessed and verified by TACIS Program Manager.The verification might include a reference check, telephone or face-to-face interview with the Student or a request for the qualifications to be verified by the issuing authorities.

Step 6: Issuing Letter of Offer or Letter of Rejection

TACIS Program Manager will assess the application(s) and issue offer letters of letter of rejection.

  •  A Letter of Offer will be issued to the successful applicant, or:
  • A Letter of Conditional Offer will be issued to successful applicant who needs to satisfy the conditions before a full offer can be issued or
  • A Letter of Rejection with reasons will be sent to the unsuccessful applicant.

All the original versions of documents will be verified and copies stored in the Student ’s files at TACIS for future reference. A Letter of Offer is valid for 28 days from date of issue.

Step 7: Accepting the Letter of Offer

Upon receiving of the Letter of Offer, Students will need to carefully read the terms and conditions attached with the letter of offer. If the Student must read, understand and agree the terms and conditions as attached with the letter of offer. Then they must sign Letter of Offer (and initial each page of the letter) and pay the tuition fee (as outlined in TACIS Fees and Charges Schedule).

The signed letter of offer and evidence of tuition fee payment receipt must be returned to TACIS before the enrolment can be confirmed. Please note the Letter of Offer must be signed by the student (a written or electronic signature are accepted by TACIS.)

Step 8: Confirmation of Enrolment

A Confirmation of Enrolment letter will be issued to international Students for visa purposes upon receipt of Student ’s tuition fee payment and signed Letter of Offer.

Please note that signed letter of offer (with evidence of payment) serves as a binding contract between TACIS and the student.

Step 9: Orientation Day

A compulsory Orientation Day Program is arranged for all students before course commencement. This Orientation will be held before course commencement and if the student fails to attend the Orientation program for a second time, he/she may risk having their enrolment cancelled unless the absence has been pre-approved by the CEO or his representative.

Step 10: Course Commencement

All Students will be given information regarding their course commencement date and time, training and assessment schedule, the classroom allocation, Moodle logon and passwords, and allocated trainers/assessors.